It will be welcome news for school leaders worried about inflation and supply chain issues.
Coming to terms with the past shows us how the future can be better.
Here is everything you need to know about how critical race theory has shaped the Tennessee curriculum debate up to this point — and what may be on the horizon.
Gov. Lee will also sign bill to let a state commission veto school library materials
The goal is more funding for students with costlier needs, but will it be enough?
District officials say high school internships allow students to get a head start on career exploration, years before they have to choose a major or job.
The legislation on Black history instruction comes at a turning point in U.S. history education nationwide
Instead of addressing flood-prone schools, the money appears to go into Tennessee’s rainy day fund
The proposed 30% increase from the current custodial services contract would increase the base pay rate for employees to $15 per hour from $10.
The announcement comes ahead of this week’s key committee votes on TISA.
In an exclusive interview with Chalkbeat, Joris Ray discusses how he has managed to stay positive amid turmoil
The hires include two assistant superintendents overseeing academics at the middle and high school levels, and a deputy chief of security to bolster safety.
Schools could lose state funding for letting transgender youth compete in girls sports
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Some senators are torn about state legislation aimed at a local matter.
With Billy Orgel’s late decision not to seek reelection, Amber Huett-Garcia is the only candidate running for District 8.
Who will be tested, and on what? We address these and other common questions.
Assistant principal Natasha Smith considers her KIPP co-workers and students family because they stand together or are “ten toes down for each other.”
The state’s voucher program for students with disabilities could double in size.
As leading health officials warn of an accelerating youth mental health crisis, students from across Tennessee say laws limiting how topics like institutional racism and white privilege can be taught are disheartening.
The Tennessee Public Charter School Commission voted unanimously on Friday to reject MAHS’ appeal and affirm Memphis-Shelby County Schools’ previous decision to close the school due to financial malfeasance.
Students, experts, and educators will discuss their ideas on how CRT debates and proposed book bans are affecting schools. Here’s our reading list.
2021 Teacher of the Year finalist Adrian Hampton reflects on how he teaches after losing a student to gun violence and facing grieving students and an eerily empty desk.
Tennessee bill could subject school librarians with criminal penalties over books deemed obscene by local boards.
During the last week of Women’s History Month and year-round, educators and parents can celebrate authors, stories, and heroines that illuminate the richness of Tennessee culture.
Planning is still underway, but the Brenda Rogers Parent Resource Center may include a food pantry, a clothing donation closet, computers, and extra space for parent advocacy training.
You’re invited to join the conversation with students and educators on March 31.
Superintendent Joris Ray grabbed parents and students’ attention when he floated the idea of a year-round school calendar last month. Here’s what research says about the “balanced” calendar.
Everett’s appointment is effective immediately, with his first Memphis-Shelby County school board meeting scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.
A bill before lawmakers stems from a decade-long dispute after suburban towns seceded from the newly merged Memphis district.
A new survey asks district stakeholders to tell administrators what investments should — and shouldn’t — be prioritized in the upcoming budget.
The legislation seeks to scrutinize library materials based on ‘maturity levels’ of students who can access them.
The school argues that Memphis-Shelby County school board erred in revoking its charter based on alleged criminal activity of three former school leaders.
The Shelby County Commission will vote to select the appointee at its March 21 meeting.
A House panel voted 5-4 to defeat a bill that critics said aimed to correct a voucher law overturned by judges.
When it comes to accessibility, there’s a big gap between what’s promised and what’s provided.
The appointment to fill the remainder of the term will be a short one as voters will get to select a new school board member during the Aug. 4 general election.
While Tennessee’s largest school district continues to recommend masks, parents can now opt their children out of wearing a face covering.
The governor’s plan to bring dozens of Hillsdale charter schools to Tennessee and the mounting resistance to the partnership are the latest battle in the classroom culture wars.
Stephanie Love, who has been heralded as an ardent, tireless advocate for parents and children in North Memphis and across the city, remains hospitalized after suffering a stroke on Saturday.
The plan would include $6.6 billion for per-pupil funding for all public school students and $1.8 billion for students needing extra support.
Superintendent Joris Ray announced several new initiatives Wednesday at an extravagant state of the district event at the Hilton in East Memphis.
Retaining teachers was top of mind for U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and thousands of school leaders at the Superintendent Association’s National Conference on Education in Nashville.