Statehouse policy and politics

A proposal to take vouchers statewide is also on the table, but unlikely to get a vote this year.
The measure would widen reading test criteria for retention but keep the state in control of those decisions.
From students with disabilities to schools serving disadvantaged students, ‘there’s just a lot of uncertainty’
Sponsors want recently launched pilot program to add Hamilton County Schools
Schwinn says salary leap would be ‘game changer’ to recruit and retain educators
Summer camps and tutoring are popular, but holding students back because of a test score is not
Third grade retention policy, private school vouchers, and a teacher shortage are among the priorities
Three-year-old legal battle continues, even as applications are approved
Sale price is $3.3 million; Millington will also pay for E.A. Harrold Elementary site
Democrats say it’s bad policy to expand a ‘pilot’ program that just launched
State considers eligibility criteria that could exclude student poverty levels
Opposing attorneys say they may appeal to a higher court
Though he offered few specifics, Lee said he plans to build on his education agenda of the last four years
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