Rise & Shine: Special session expected in fight over mayoral control of schools

ANOTHER SHOT Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to call a special session this week so that the Legislature will consider a bill for mayoral control of the city’s schools. New York TimesNew York Daily NewsNew York Post

Here are five reasons why there’s still no deal for mayoral control. Gotham Gazette

Among the possible compromises being considered: changes to state law so that certificates for charter schools that closed or never opened in the first place — “zombie” charters — would have to be transferred to new schools. New York Post

TURNING THE TASSEL After leaving gang life behind, Jahrell Thomas joined the graduating class of Brooklyn Democracy Academy, which serves over-age and under-credited students. Thomas is on his way to community college on a basketball scholarship. Chalkbeat

DIPLOMAS DELAYED Members of the “Central Park Five” received honorary diplomas from Bronx Preparatory High School. The men, who were between 14- and 16-years old when they were wrongly accused of raping a woman in 1989, did not have the chance to graduate from high school. New York Times

COURT CASE The mother of a boy who wandered away from his charter school and was found walking on the tracks of a subway station is suing his school. New York Daily News

POLITICAL PROBE A probe that has been described as an investigation into “communist organizing” at Park Slope Collegiate has expanded to include more school staffers, according to the principal, who says she is also under investigation. New York Daily News

SCHOOL SPENDING The pro-charter group Families for Excellent schools says the city education department is expected to go over its budget by $43 million. The education department disputes that figure. New York Daily News

VOUCHER DEBATE A new study of the country’s largest voucher program found that students who took a voucher had lower math achievement at first, but their outcomes improved over time to match or outperform public school students in math and English. Chalkbeat

Another study, this one of Louisiana’s voucher program, found no statistically significant effects on math or reading test scores for students the third year in the program. When the researchers included a sample of younger students, though, the results were negative. Chalkbeat

Also, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the state of Missouri could not prohibit a church from participating in a program that provided public resources to refurbish playgrounds. The decision could have implications for school choice policies. Chalkbeat