Rise & Shine: No budget deal in sight

DEAL OR NO DEAL State lawmakers did not reach a budget agreement over the weekend, so Gov. Cuomo said he would put forward an “extender” budget that keeps the government funded in the meantime. Still, the state’s education policymaking body is scheduled to meet today, and will discuss whether the charters at 10 Success Academy schools were renewed too early. Chalkbeat, Politico New York, New York Post

Charter school funding remained one of the sticking points in state budget negotiations. Chalkbeat

State lawmakers missed the Friday deadline for settling on a budget. Politico New York

PIPELINE PROBLEMS Public officials in Brooklyn and the Bronx have formed a task force to to address inequities in the city’s gifted and talented programs and specialized high schools, but the path forward is far from clear. Chalkbeat

DOWNWARD TREND Suspensions continue to fall in the city’s schools, according to data released Friday — down roughly 30 percent over the past few years. Chalkbeat, New York 1DNAinfo, New York Daily News

FUDGING THE NUMBERS Several teachers have accused the principal at Flushing High School of giving students credit for geometry classes that they essentially never took so they would meet benchmarks under the city’s Renewal program. New York Post

RENEWAL RECORD The pro-charter group Families for Excellent schools argues that Mayor de Blasio’s hallmark turnaround program isn’t showing results. New York Daily News

POLICE MISCONDUCT? A police officer appeared to threaten a group of students with his taser near Midwood High School. New York Daily News

TESTING TESTING Editorial: The opt-out movement might be fading, but state education officials still need to think hard about how to improve the way they measure student learning. Journal News

SECRET SAUCE Harlem’s Storefront Academy is working to build a community of devoted learners, and serves some students who came from Success Academy schools. DNAinfo

CHURCH AND STATE A public school teacher working under a federally funded program at a Muslim school was pushed out after an “Adam and Eve” lesson upset parents. New York Post

FAKE FACTS Opinion: Schools are more important than ever in helping students cut through misleading information. New York Daily News

FIRE FIGHT A teacher who was fired from the Bennington School in the Bronx for allegedly using corporal punishment is challenging his termination. New York Daily News, New York Post

SHOWCASE SCHOOL A public school district in Oklahoma is showing that even without much funding, public schools can offer a robust education. New York Times