Rise & Shine: New study on voucher program is a Rorschach test for supporters, opponents

CHOICE DECISIONS A significant U.S. Supreme Court ruling Monday on a church-state issue opens a new chapter in a court fight over a Douglas County private school voucher program, with both supporters and opponents finding encouragement in the high court’s decision. Chalkbeat

TWO CENTS The Denver Post editorial board praised the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision and said it hoped the court’s action would bode well for voucher supporters. Denver Post 

A VOUCHER RORSCHACH TEST  A new analysis of Indiana’s school voucher program offers something for both sides in the heated debate about whether public money should be used to fund private school tuition. Chalkbeat

HOW I TEACH After a student’s suicide attempt, this Colorado teacher wrote letters to each student. Now, she’ll share her story on a bigger stage. Chalkbeat

ESSA! ESSA! ESSA! An education advocacy group has rated five states’ plans for the Every Student Succeeds Act — and while Louisiana and New Mexico end up look looking pretty good, Colorado and Illinois come out less rosy. Education Week