Budget & finance

From students with disabilities to schools serving disadvantaged students, ‘there’s just a lot of uncertainty’
Schwinn says salary leap would be ‘game changer’ to recruit and retain educators
State considers eligibility criteria that could exclude student poverty levels
District scales back its ambitions after coming up short in request for county funding
With more legal challenges pending, ‘there can’t be any steps going forward,’ Gov. Lee concedes
The proposed fiscal year 2023 budget would give teachers a 2% pay raise and $1,500 retention bonuses.
Gov. Lee will also sign bill to let a state commission veto school library materials
The goal is more funding for students with costlier needs, but will it be enough?
The announcement comes ahead of this week’s key committee votes on TISA.
A new survey asks district stakeholders to tell administrators what investments should — and shouldn’t — be prioritized in the upcoming budget.
The plan would include $6.6 billion for per-pupil funding for all public school students and $1.8 billion for students needing extra support.
Tennessee Gov. proposes $1 billion more for K-12 education and a new institute to fight “anti-American thought” in higher education in his annual budget.
A blueprint to revamp education funding appears to align with Gov. Bill Lee’s pledge to consider each student’s needs. But how much more money would be added?
Education is expected to be front and center again — with K-12 funding reform at the top of the list
Memphis school leaders hope that higher pay, more classroom support, and aggressive recruiting will help bring in new hires who will stay
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