Marta W. Aldrich

College president’s mockery of teacher training won’t necessarily dash hopes to bring charters to the state
Local governments in Nashville and Memphis failed to show that an injunction was warranted, the judges ruled
Speedy voucher rollout draws hopeful families, more legal challenges
Lee meets with private school leaders, while his education chief acknowledges the timeline is ‘challenging’
The legal move comes as the state prepares to officially relaunch the program
Gov. Bill Lee said the state will work “starting today” toward enrolling students.
Some candidates worry that national culture wars will overshadow local education issues
Lee says comments were taken out of context, but teacher groups say governor should have repudiated insults
The court order marks another win for Gov. Bill Lee, but more legal challenges loom
With more legal challenges pending, ‘there can’t be any steps going forward,’ Gov. Lee concedes
Cheers, frustrations, and promises to fight follow after Tennessee’s highest court overrules lower courts, clearing an obstacle to the state’s private school voucher law.
The ruling effectively endorses Gov. Bill Lee’s education savings account program, the signature legislation of his first year in office.
Gov. Lee will also sign bill to let a state commission veto school library materials
The goal is more funding for students with costlier needs, but will it be enough?
Instead of addressing flood-prone schools, the money appears to go into Tennessee’s rainy day fund
The announcement comes ahead of this week’s key committee votes on TISA.
Schools could lose state funding for letting transgender youth compete in girls sports
The state’s voucher program for students with disabilities could double in size.