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Aspiring county leaders in charge of money for Memphis schools share their views

Shelby County government building in downtown Memphis.
Shelby County government building in downtown Memphis.
Laura Faith Kebede/Chalkbeat

The Shelby County Board of Commissioners and county mayor are responsible for most school funding in Memphis. So, Chalkbeat sent a survey to candidates to hear their thoughts on what that should look like.

Below, you can sort through each district race and see candidates’ answers. First up are candidates for the county commission, and you can find responses from mayoral candidates below. The election is Thursday, Aug. 2 with early voting starting Friday, July 13.

To read survey responses from candidates for the Shelby County Schools board, go here.

Note: Mayoral candidate David Lenoir did not respond to the survey questions. The following county commission candidates also did not respond to the survey questions:

District 1: Amber Mills

District 3: Mick Wright and Monica Timmerman

District 5: Richard Morton

District 6: Willie Brooks

District 8: Mickell Lowery

District 9: Edmund Ford Jr.

District 10: Reginald Milton and Vontyna Durham

District 13: George Monger

We have included some general information about each of those candidates where possible.

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