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Here are Tennessee schools winning TVA funding for STEM projects

Eighteen Tennessee schools have won a combined $60,000 in grants for STEM-related class projects and equipment, the competition’s sponsors announced Thursday.

The schools won the fourth annual STEM classroom grant competition held by the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network and funded by the Tennessee Valley Authority. The competition received more than 375 submissions.

STEM is an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to learning science, technology, engineering and math. The Tennessee STEM Innovation Network was founded in 2011 as a partnership of the Tennessee Department of Education and Battelle Education, a nonprofit research organization, to expand STEM learning across the state.

Among the winning projects are explorations into alternative energy, traffic safety, and science in agriculture. Some schools also received funding for STEM equipment including microscopes, computers, tablets and physics kits.

The winning projects are:

  • Bluff City Elementary School, Bluff City, “Teaming up for STEM, elementary math/science,” $5,000
  • Bradford Special School District, Bradford, “Bradford Special School District Middle School Science Lab,” $2,500
  • Celina K-8, Celina, “Teaming up for STEM,” $5,000
  • Cleveland High School, Cleveland, “The physics of imaging,” $1,000
  • Clinton Middle School, Clinton, “Hands-on science through inquiry,” $1,000
  • Columbia Central High School, Columbia, “Physics and physical science in traffic safety,” $5,000
  • Dorothy & Nobel Harrelson School, Puryear, “Water quality study,” $5,000
  • East Chester Elementary School, Henderson, FOSS science kits, $5,000
  • Goodpasture Christian School, Madison, “Hands-on science instruction for all,” $5,000
  • Kenwood High School STEM Academy, Clarksville, “Alternative energy,” $5,000
  • Livingston Academy, Livingston, “Livingston Academy STEM initiative,” $5,000
  • Madisonville Middle School, Madisonville, outdoor classroom and greenhouse, $5,000
  • North Greene High School, Greeneville, “Project Provide for scientific inquiry,” $1,000
  • Park View Elementary, Cleveland, “STEM play project,” $1,000
  • Pathways Alternative School, Rogersville, equipment for the STEM classroom, $2,500
  • Ridgeway Middle School, Memphis, Science Olympiad, $1,000
  • STEM School Chattanooga, Chattanooga, FabLab Innovations, $2,500
  • West Side School, Readyville, “Coding, programming, and STEM: Oh my!”, $2,500