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Weekend reads: What happened when Missouri accidentally launched a modern-day school busing program

Kyle Kurlick for Chalkbeat
  • This American Life goes deep into what happened when Missouri accidentally launched a desegregation program in the school district that Michael Brown attended; also check out part two of its series on integration, airing this weekend. This American Life
  • Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio spar over the Common Core, the only time that education came up in this week’s first primary debate. Politics K-12
  • A new report argues that the billions of dollars spent by school districts on teacher professional education has little payoff. Slate
  • A Brooklyn high school starts a summer class to train its students to be social justice activists. The New Yorker
  • How conservatives forced the College Board to revise its Advanced Placement U.S. history course framework to place less of an emphasis on the history of racism. Vox
  • The importance of the presence of teachers of color to help students of color is well-documented, but diversifying the teacher workforce could have big benefits for white students, too. The Atlantic
  • The conservative-leaning organization that has successfully persuaded seven states to require students to pass a version of the U.S. citizenship test to graduate from high school is trying to spread its effort to more blue and purple states, too. The New Yorker
  • The boom in digital news has created a corresponding boom in digital outlets — including Chalkbeat! — that cover education in depth. EdWeek
  • Of those outlets, Chalkbeat is distinct because of its local focus. EdWeek

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