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Chalkbeat Tennessee's redesigned homepage on Feb. 8 as the site is unveiled

Chalkbeat Tennessee’s redesigned homepage on Feb. 8 as the site is unveiled

Dear readers: Notice anything different today?

More than a year in the making, our redesigned home page is now live.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’ve made some changes. Here are a few highlights:

  • We’ve added a “Best of Chalkbeat” section, which we’ll update weekly to feature content we’re most proud of, as well as special projects.
  • We’ve added a comment count to our stories that link directly to our article’s comment section. We hope this makes this feature easier for you to access so that you can share thoughtful observations and insights about the education issues we cover.
  • We’ve added excerpts to our top stories so that you have more information to decide whether to click on it.

We value your feedback, so please let us know what you think! And, as always, we welcome your ideas about how we can improve your reading experience on our site.

The Editors, Chalkbeat Tennessee

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