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Weekend Reads: When a selective school suddenly has to serve all students

  • What happens when a selective school has to educate all students? A Philadelphia magnet school is about to find out. Newsworks
  • A children’s book series that places kids at the center of collective tragedies is sadly relevant again. The Atlantic
  • From charter schools to teacher evaluations, four ways that Hillary Clinton would rule schools differently. Politics K-12
  • How one of New Orleans’ only principals who led schools before and after Hurricane Katrina ensures her teachers reflect their students. The Hechinger Report
  • A teacher says research about the value of small classes doesn’t match up to her experience. Pedagogy of the Reformed
  • Denver’s longtime superintendent is taking an unusual six-month break. Here’s why. Chalkbeat
  • An anonymous New York City school leader says teacher evaluations won’t be ideal until there are tests in every subject. Inside the System
  • John White, Louisiana’s schools chief, is likely to lose his job next year. The 74 Million
    Have Chicago schools improved over time? “It’s complicated,” concludes a longtime education journalist there. Catalyst
  • A helpful primer on the intersection of race, class, and standardized testing. The Notebook
    How Richard Scarry’s classic word books changed over time to reflect evolving cultural norms. Fusion