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Shelby County Schools meets 10 out of 11 state TCAP targets

Shelby County Schools showed enough growth on its test scores last year to satisfy the state’s goals, according to TCAP test results released by the Tennessee Department of Education Wednesday.

It is difficult to compare this year’s test results to past performance because the district’s prior scores include both legacy Shelby County schools and legacy Memphis City Schools before the two districts merged last year. The state determines if districts meet their goals based off growth.

Only district results were released Monday.  Statewide results were released earlier this month.

Shelby County Schools met 10 out of 11 these performance goals set by the state, according to a press release. The goals take into account whether the district is improving, not just its absolute scores. The district has not specified which goals it met.

“We are very pleased to know we’re trending in the right direction,” said Superintendent Dorsey Hopson in a press release. “However, we cannot rest with slight gains; we must press forward with a more aggressive agenda that increases student achievement at a more rapid rate.”

The district is touting large gains in Algebra, smaller gains in other grade levels and subject areas, and a slight dip in math scores in grades 3-8.

The state-run Achievement School District, focused on improving the worst-performing schools in the state, had modest growth with its results in both reading and math for grades 3 through 8, according to results posted Monday.

Because the district adds on several schools each year, it’s difficult to determine what sort of district-wide gains were made this year.

ASD schools last year improved their math scores but saw declines in reading. For the six schools in their second year with the ASD, the percent of students deemed proficient in reading increased from 13.4 percent to 17 percent, and the percent of students proficient in math increased from 19.6 to 21.8 percent. Schools in their first year with the ASD overall saw 21.5 percent of students scoring proficient in math and 22.3 percent of students proficient in reading.

The charts below break down the results by subject level.


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