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Learn about the ASD takeover process with our interactive page

When the state takes over a school for low-performance, educators and community members may have several questions:  What leads to an intervention? Why would a school be taken over? What will happen once a school is taken over? What happens to the staff at the schools?  What happens to the students?

To help you better understand the two-month Achievement School District takeover process, we’ve created a page that explains everything from a schools’ performance to a description of each charter school.

On Oct. 16 the state-run ASD identified 12 schools it will consider taking over. Each of those schools could be handed over to one of seven charter school operators.

The ASD has already decided to hand over South Side Middle School to KIPP Memphis, which runs several charters in Tennessee, and hand Wooddale Middle School and Raleigh Egypt High School to Green Dot Public Schools, based in Los Angeles.

Over the next two months, the ASD will consider whether to give Florida-Kansas Elementary to Scholar Academies or Freedom Prep; Denver Elementary to Capstone Education Group; Airways, American Way and A. Maceo Walker middle schools to YES Prep; Brookmeade Elementary to Libertas; Hawkins Mill Elementary to Libertas or Capstone Education Group; LaRose Elementary to Scholar; and AB Hill Elementary to Freedom Prep. Three of those schools will ultimately stay with the district next year.

We’ll update this page over the next two months with stories, graphics and profiles that help to illuminate the policies, players and impact this process will have for parents, teachers and community members.