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Shelby County Schools administrators will craft 2025 strategic plan

Shelby County School’s leadership team will spend the next few months building a 2025 strategic plan, they told board members Tuesday.

Administrators said they want to put in place programs that will most impact the learning of students who are kindergarteners this year to make them college or workforce ready by the time they graduate.

The steps involved in the plan will include determining what’s working well in the district and what’s not working well.

School officials said they want the strategic plan to provide a clear indication of victory in a data and qualitative form.

Superintendent Dorsey Hopson II said the district plans to aggressively engage the community in the strategic planning effort.

“We’re serious about improving student achievement,” Hopson said.  “We want to hear from the board, community, principals and teachers and all stakeholders.  I know it’s a lot, but we have to make sure our direction is clear.”

Nashville’s school board recently approved a strategic plan with the goal of becoming the nation’s highest-achieving urban district by 2018.