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Shelby County school district reaches a deal with Germantown

The Shelby County school district will deed five schools to Germantown and will settle a civil rights lawsuit with the town, clearing the way for town leaders to create their own school system, the Commercial Appeal reports. Germantown would be the last of six suburban towns to come to an agreement with the merged school system.

Germantown will pay $4.265 million over 12 years, or $355,453 annually, according to the Commercial Appeal, which described the agreement as “tentative.” It will receive the deeds to Houston Middle School, Houston High School, and Dogwood, Farmington and Riverdale elementary schools.

The merged district reached historic settlements with Arlington and Lakeland earlier in November. Settlements with Millington, Collierville, and Bartlett followed.

The fate of three Germantown school buildings has been in dispute. According to reports, Germantown elementary, middle, and high school will not be part of a new Germantown district.

The Daily News reports that Germantown mayor Sharon Goldsworthy said the deal could change before a city council meeting tonight.  The Shelby School board has called a special meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the agreement.

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