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Rise & Shine: Resources from teacher effectiveness programs in Memphis to be shared with more researchers

  • Videos and resources from Gates’ teacher effectiveness project, which includes Memphis, will be shared with more researchers. (Inside School Research)
  • Settlements with Collierville, Millington, and Bartlett are on the agenda for tonight’s school board meeting in Shelby County. (ChalkbeatTN, WMCTV)
  • Memphis’s City Council is unlikely to block those settlements. (Commercial Appeal)
  • Some County Commissioners expressed reservations about dropping the lawsuits and about details of the settlements. (Memphis Daily News, ChalkbeatTN)
  • Shelby County is considering alternatives to the cleaning service the district is using. (My Fox Memphis)
  • Tennessee’s ASD was ranked high on a national survey about “conditions for success” for district reforms. (ASD)
  • 32 percent of people never find a job related to their college major. (Business Journals)
  • A study from research group Mathematica found that a program that transferred high-performing teachers to lower-performing schools within their district in exchange for pay saw results for kids. (Slate)