But up to 60% of third graders could be at risk of being held back as a stricter reading law kicks in.
Testing do-overs, appeals, summer learning camps come next for struggling readers who want to avoid retention
If the search process suggests board members aren’t on the same page, a leadership expert says, ‘some candidates may back away.’
Board members have asked the district to present options, including the prospect of bringing the work in-house.
Pioneer of school desegregation says resolving racial differences requires telling the truth about history — ‘good, bad, or ugly.’
But tensions with community flare as three activists are barred from meeting and threatened with arrest if they enter district property.
None of the top contenders have been publicly interviewed, and no interviews have been scheduled before the board and the public.
Former Bush administration official will become the first Hispanic American to hold the post.
Marie Feagins, of Detroit’s public school district, withdrew but has asked to be reconsidered for the role.
District forced to reckon with failure of charter-focused state turnaround effort.
A key issue they’ll have to resolve is how strictly to apply a board policy on the minimum requirements for a superintendent.
Research suggests that implicit biases may contribute to racial disparities in education, but it’s less clear whether training employees makes a difference.
After Senate balks, House agrees to limit expansion to Chattanooga-based Hamilton County Schools.
“They are shrugging their shoulders at us,” said one Nashville mom, “but we are not going to stop.”

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GOP lawmakers move quickly to expand Gov. Bill Lee’s education savings account program.
The field of top contenders is back to three as New Jersey educator accepts a job with another district
Next steps include considering public input and determining if interim superintendent Toni Williams is eligible to fill the role.
The firm’s other recommendation is Keith Miles Jr., current superintendent of Bridgeton Public Schools in New Jersey. Whitelaw and Miles could join Carlton Jenkins, of Wisconsin’s Madison Metropolitan School District; and Toni Williams, the current interim superintendent of MSCS, on the list.
Branda Cassellius, recently superintendent of Boston Public Schools, has withdrawn from the search for the next leader of Memphis schools.
The board signaled that it was not satisfied with the process and the search firm’s choices: Memphis’ Toni Williams, Brenda Cassellius from Boston, and Carlton Jenkins from Madison, Wisconsin.
5 questions with an education leader about the law’s rollout as high-stakes testing is set to begin
Candidates for the job are supposed to have 10 years of experience in teaching or school administration.
Proposal offers a hint of how the district will deal with the unraveling of the state-run Achievement School District.
For two high schoolers who joined protests against gun violence, ‘there’s just a lot more hope in the room.’
Justin Pearson says he was fulfilling his duty ‘to elevate the issues when they are being ignored.’
The ousted lawmakers said their goal was to advocate for thousands of demonstrators demanding stricter gun laws.
“If more guns in more places made us safer, we’d be the safest state on the planet, and we’re not,” a Nashville dad and gun-control advocate said.
‘We can do something,’ Gov. Lee says: Put armed guards in every public school.
The move, protested by Hanley’s charter operator, marks another twist in the chaotic unwinding of the Achievement School District.
Some Shelby County commissioners are pushing for more accountability in developing and funding projects.
A rally at the Capitol: ‘We don’t need a day to mourn. We need a day of action,’ protester says.
The 28-year-old attacker was a former student and came to the school armed with rifles and a handgun.
A proposal to take vouchers statewide is also on the table, but unlikely to get a vote this year.
Decision by top insider could change the dynamics of the district’s national search for a successor to Joris Ray
Toni Williams addresses key constituencies in reviewing district’s progress, priorities
Advisory committee members critique transparency, but board Chair Althea Greene says she wants to ‘avoid a popularity contest.’
The measure would widen reading test criteria for retention but keep the state in control of those decisions.